• The Case

    The Jodi Arias case was prosecuted by the infamous Juan Martinez, known for his shady and law-breaking tactics in the courtroom. The case is riddled with misinformation and malfeasance.

  • Trial-By-Media

    Trail-by-media was in full force.  Led by Nancy Grace, Jodi was convicted prior to a shred of evidence being presented. Jodi's image was wrongly shape & contorted in the media without regard to the truth.

  • Blatant Perjury

    Perjury was rampant throughout the Jodi Arias case, led by Dr. Kevin Horn and Detective Esteban Flores, both of whom committed abject perjury during the trial.  What they lied about and who was involved may shock you!

  • Her Living Conditions

    Jodi's current living conditions are abhorrent in the county jail, where she's been for 6 years. Now in solitary confinement, Jodi is locked down 23 1/2 hours/day, in violation of our 8th Amendment.

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